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How to Prepare Your Garden for the Summer

Creating your own genuine piece of heaven is not an easy task, with the arrival of the summer also came the need to have a beautiful and nurtured green space in your backyard. That being said, here are some ideas you should try to follow in order to prepare your garden for the hot sunny days to come.

How to Prepare Your Garden for the Summer

How to Prepare Your Garden for the Summer

Preparing Your Garden for Summer

  1. Clear Up the Clutter

We all know that winters can be long and tedious, and as well, it usually leaves a trail of messy clutter in the garden. Before setting your new summer Eden outside, make sure that you clean all the trash left behind after the winter.

Throw away any debris, such as dead sticks, leaves, dried up weeds, and definitely rake and water the soil so that you help your new garden plants thrive. Also, check whether you should remove some hibernating pests such as slugs or snails since they would just ruin your fresh new flowers.

It would also be great if you could trim the hedges, mow the lawn, cut the fences, and if necessary clean all the gardening tools needed for the new summer season.

  1. Start Planting

You may have already planted some early spring flowers such as lilies or gladiolus. Now, consider fertilizing the soil prior to planting other plants that need special care since not all flowers can grow equally in your garden space.

Start Planting - How to Prepare Your Garden for the Summer

Start Planting (How to Prepare Your Garden for the Summer)

Reading about some specific flowers can help you determine what kind of environment and location they require so that they could bloom nicely in your area. Try planting seeds in the special pot because that could certainly lead to having new flowers growing in a straight and organized way, and in that way you would also prevent weeds from coming in.

Pay close attention to keeping your side plants growing according to the way you want not sideways or grouping uncontrollably, if needed you can put some cardboard barriers, but still make sure that your plants get enough sunlight.

  1. Fixing Up the Outdoor Ambient

Summer is the time when your garden thrives, but you will be the one who will sit outside and marvel your own private spot. That being said, creating the perfect environment is essential when preparing your garden for the summer.

Fixing Up the Outdoor Ambient - How to Prepare Your Garden for the Summer

Fixing Up the Outdoor Ambient (How to Prepare Your Garden for the Summer)

Since you would be spending most of your time outside you have to take into consideration the furnishing and decor, as well. Barbecuing is the number one activity for warm summer nights, so next to your green area place a decorative grill where you would grill meat and veggies, and of course next to it you would need an appropriate lounging space.

Getting some vivid and comfy outdoor patio furniture would make a big difference to the entire summer atmosphere, so buy some funky floor cushions and lanterns as well, and they will create a real summer feel. Additionally, having in mind that you would spend the whole day out, having some shade is a must, so you should set up shade awnings to protect you from those scorching summer days while you are cooking or relaxing.

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  1. A Colorful Bash

Let’s not forget that summer days and nights are all about friendly outdoor gatherings, relaxation, sipping cocktails, enjoying in warm weather and setting your mind at ease. Whether you are all alone reading a book or organizing a game night, make sure that you have cool drinks ready to refresh yourself and your guests.

A Colorful Bash - How to Prepare Your Garden for the Summer

A Colorful Bash (How to Prepare Your Garden for the Summer)

If you are going to organize a party or some other event, placing a dining table in an open-air and decorating it with some chandeliers would enormously contribute to the perfect summer atmosphere.

For the perfect feel, you can also place some wind spinners or install some solar lights around your fence which would light up your summer nights. To get that ultimate summer feeling, placing a hammock or some other garden swing chair would certainly make a change and your patio party would be complete.

  1. “Rock” Your Garden

Not all of us are ready to spend a lot of money on decorating the green area around our house, but still we want to keep the originality and the unique style and have nice summer vibes in the garden, then why not decorate it with natural rocks and stones?

"Rock" Your Garden - How to Prepare Your Garden for the Summer

“Rock” Your Garden (How to Prepare Your Garden for the Summer)

First, you need to find a place for your stone area, then clear it up and just place rocks in the desired way. You can let your kids or friends be creative and paint the stones with some organic watercolors, make some animal out of stones such as ladybugs and caterpillars, and in that way, you could have your own little masterpiece. Or just simply set a rocky walkway or use stones to label your plants would be cool since it doesn’t require much maintenance and it would look authentic.

The final thing to do is to take your headphones and play some relaxing music, put your both feet up and enjoy the pleasant summer days marveling at your garden.

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