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Is it Time to Replace Your Mattress?

The mattress industry ships over 35.9 million mattresses each year. Still, people all over the world are wondering, “How often should you replace your mattress?”

An average household will keep a mattress for 7 years before getting a replacement. If your mattress is older than that, you just might deserve better.

image - Is it Time to Replace Your Mattress
Is it Time to Replace Your Mattress

A new mattress will help you get the best sleep of your life. You owe it to your health and well-being to replace your mattress.

Here’s how you know it’s time to get a mattress replacement:

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Signs of Wear and Tear

As you use a mattress, it develops signs of being worn. It happens even faster if a mattress protector isn’t shielding your mattress.

Aging mattresses often sag and/or form indentations and lumps due to repeated use. Mattress sagging increases when you gain weight or move around a lot in your sleep. Improper mattress care also accelerates sagging.

This deterioration decreases your sleep quality and duration. More on that later.

Coil Problems

A noisy box spring is your bed’s way of screaming, “I’m due for a new mattress!” Noisy springs are evidence that the coils are worn out, which means they’re not supporting you adequately.

What’s the last straw that tells you when to replace a mattress? Feeling coils through the fabric is definitely one of them, but here’s another major red flag:

Sleep Deprivation

If you sleep for a full night and still wake up feeling tired/fatigued, it’s time to get a new mattress. A healthy mattress will instantly improve your sleep quality and energy levels.

Sleep deprivation is linked to bad health outcomes like heart disease and decreased concentration/memory. If this is what you’re dealing with, please replace your mattress ASAP.

Pain and Allergies

An old mattress will have you waking up with aches and pains. This is because old mattresses provide insufficient support for back and joints. You shouldn’t have to take Tylenol just to get a decent night’s sleep.

The life of a mattress is connected to how quickly it accumulates dead skin cells and dust mites. Your mattress attracts more dust mites than any other area of the house. No wonder it worsens people’s allergies!

Lack of Space

If your mattress isn’t the right size, you’re sleeping in a cramped space. This isn’t an ideal situation for you or the person you share a bed with.

The round bed is a spacious mattress with a contemporary design. It’s perfect for couples who want to add a romantic aesthetic to their bedroom while staying comfortable. Plus, it’s incredibly trendy.

How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress? It Depends

According to Consumer Reports, you should always throw out a mattress once it turns 10 years old. That’s the simplest answer to, “How often should you replace your mattress.” But there’s more to it than that!

However, if your mattress hasn’t reached the 10-year mark yet, pay attention to how it makes you feel. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, you’re definitely due for a replacement.

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