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Uses and Buying Guide for Truck Mattress

Sleep is very essential for any human being, especially for very hard-working people like truck drivers or others who put in a lot of time even days driving various vehicles.

Lack of sleep affects all our lives, but when drivers or navigators get sleepy, it results in increased accidents on the roads and highways which in turn is dangerous for innocent pedestrians and other drivers alike.

That’s why having the perfect truck mattress for your truck is very much necessary. Let’s check on the uses and benefits of having a truck mattress and also build up a guide on buying them.

Uses and Buying Guide for Truck Mattress
Uses and Buying Guide for Truck Mattress

Uses of Truck Mattresses

A truck mattress is very important in order to promote the wellbeing of every person working in trucks. It promotes on-time sleep even on the go.

A perfect truck mattress will fit perfectly in your truck, or even in your car, provided they are of the right dimensions, and you can enjoy a hassle-free sleep even on the highways.

Also, you can park your trucks, cars, and/or RVs, where ever convenient, and have a good sleep and energize your body.

You can also fold it and free up space whenever you do not need them like an air mattress which can be deflated after use.

A truck mattress can also work the same in SUVs, RVs, and other big cars and your children can enjoy a good backseat nap on the go when you set up the truck mattress.

How to Buy a Perfect Truck Mattress for You?

Before buying a truck mattress, you should remember it is a long-time asset and you should get the best value for money mattress. Let’s check all the factors.

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Know Your Need

If you need an inflatable truck mattress that can be made up anytime you want with the help of an air pump, go for an air bed for your truck.

But you can also go for semi-truck mattresses or regular truck mattress in case you do not want to compromise on your comfort.

They all are convenient for your need. Make sure to shop for a mattress according to your comfort and availability of the space in your vehicle.

Truck Mattress
Truck Mattress


Always take the right dimensions of your vehicle, be it an RV, SUV, or Truck. Without a perfect dimension, your mattress may not even fit in.

Provide the dimension to the company from which you are buying, and they will deliver the exact mattress which will fit the best in your car.

The thickness should be according to your choice and preferences. However, for a truck, a mattress should be of 5 to 8 inches max.

If less, then the jerking may disturb your peace, and if more, then it can be too stiff on your back and ultimately not comfortable during a ride.

Check the Warranty

Always cross-check with the company the specifics of the warranty; if there are any hidden conditions and what kind of damages will be covered if any at all. A warranty should always be confirmed while buying truck mattresses.

Water Resistant or Waterproof?

People often get confused between water-resistant truck mattresses and waterproof truck mattresses. Generally, all the air mattresses for trucks are waterproof and others are not waterproof but resistant.

Water-resistance means it has the durability to sustain some spilled water of course, but not heavy shower. You should keep that in mind and check before buying the mattress.

These were the basic guidelines to buy a new truck mattress to enjoy a peaceful sleep even while being on the road. As sleep plays a very important role in our daily lives, choosing a truck mattress should be done with the utmost care.

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