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Knowing a Bit More About Lawns and Taking Care of It

Our mother Earth is witnessing a significant change in its environment presently. The great in-humanly human deeds are contributing to change the greener globe to a green one. Who doesn’t want to live in a lush green surrounding?

In addition to apartments, office areas, commercial buildings, and private home-owners try hard to maintain a lawn around these structures to be around greenery.

Knowing a Bit More About Lawns and Taking Care of It
Knowing a Bit More About Lawns and Taking Care of It

What is a Lawn?

A lawn, a soil-covered piece of land, gets usually planted with grasses and other long-lasting plants. These grasses and plants having a long life, such as clover, are maintained at a dwarf height with the help of a lawnmower or sometimes, by grazing animals.

Lawns are artificially created in various places like parks for recreational purpose. Many sports including rugby, soccer, cricket, hockey, etc. requires lawn as it provides a soft cushion to the feet and avoids erosion and dust generation by regulating foot traffic.

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First Step Towards a Lush and Green Lawn

Early days of autumns, spring and early days of summer provide the perfect time for seeding or laying turf as, during this time, the soil remains warmer, and the air is more relaxed. Seeding is cheaper but a long and hectic process.

The idea of aerating the soil before planting helps the roots to grow deeper, resulting in thicker turf. Turfing allows to have access to a nearly instant lawn but can be administered in regions having most temperate weather irrespective of the seasons.

Turfing is costly and more intending to drought until the lawn is established. For sloppy or hilly terrain, another method called hydro-seeding is highly recommended. Hydro-seeding is a cheaper and quicker way of generating a lawn.

Services and Care

Lawns once undertaken, need to be maintained and taken care of. Planting and seeding serve as the first step of lawn care. Use of fertilizers and pesticides follow the previous step. Organic, inorganic and synthetic fertilizers perform the basis for division among the fertilizers available in the market.

Fertilizers also get divided on the basis of the period of action, immediate or time-consuming applications. The pesticides, including biological as well as chemical herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides help in treating diseases such as gray leaf spot.

From the above description, it is quite clear that setting up or taking care of a lawn is a tedious job. Our headaches have been entirely taken care of by services, like GrassRoots Turf care. These companies serve the lawn most perfectly. From planting to routine maintenance, every individual step is carefully carried out to ensure a beautiful lawn.

This article partially clears up the doubts and hesitations of a person, who is planning for a beautiful lawn surrounding his/her home, or a company owner who wants a lawn from his window view.

Though the process of setting up a lawn seems to be very easy, it actually turns out to be a hectic and tedious job. For these reasons, we have many service-based companies who promise to lend their helping hands to get a beautiful, lush and green lawn wherever they want.

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