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Looking to Renovate Your Kitchen? 7 Questions You Need to Ask Your Contractor Before Inking the Deal

Are you looking to renovate your kitchen but have no time or desire to do it yourself? Hiring a contractor is an excellent way to enjoy a new kitchen without an effort.

The problem is, a contractor can either bring you joy or disappointment, which is why it’s important to ask them the following questions before you ink your deal:

Looking to Renovate Your Kitchen - 7 Questions You Need to Ask Your Contractor Before Inking the Deal

Questions You Need to Ask Your Contractor Before Inking the Deal

7 Questions You Need to Ask Your Contractor Before Inking the Deal

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  1. Are You Insured and Licensed?

That’s probably the most important question as there are many contractors who ruin properties with their unprofessional work and earn money on it. When you hire a contractor without insurance or license, you will be the only person responsible for a ruined kitchen and lost money.

Even if the contractor says they’re insured or licensed, turn to the Better Business Bureau or local government agency to prove this fact.

  1. What’s Your Experience?

This question is tricky as sometimes newbies work better than professionals, but still, it’s best to ask this question. A contractor with a great experience may have photos of kitchen renovations they already created and you may find feedback on them online.

A newbie without experience tends to charge less, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a kitchen of your dream in the end.

  1. Do You Provide a Guarantee?

Speaking of guarantee, you should be sure that if something unexpected occurs in your kitchen, your contractor will immediately come and fix it. If they don’t provide a guarantee, it means they’re not confident about their job. If your contractor does offer a guarantee, make sure it’s in a written form.

  1. Who Are Your Suppliers?

The quality of the materials used for kitchen remodeling highly depends on the suppliers, so be sure you know where your contractor is going to buy the building supplies. You can provide your contractor with the supplies you’ll buy, too.

  1. Do You Hire Subcontractor?

Depending on the size of your kitchen, your contractor might consider hiring a subcontractor. Find out their name and learn about their experience. Figure out if they offer a guarantee, too. The last thing you want to deal with if something happens is deciding who is responsible for it – a contractor or a subcontractor.

They might accuse each other and refuse their responsibility. Ask them to provide you with a list of responsibilities of each of them in a written form.

  1. Do You Offer a Fixed or Estimate Price?

Many times, contractors ask for one price in the beginning and charge twice more in the end for no obvious reason. Find it out before starting a contract.

  1. How Often Will You Update Me?

One of the biggest client complaints about contractors is poor communication. Some contractors are hard to reach or communicate with while others are too nervous. Pay attention to the way they talk to you and if you don’t like something, it’s best to clear it up right away.

Save yourself time, money, and nerves by asking these important questions. If your contractor can’t answer them, start looking for another one.

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