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A Tech-Lover’s Guide to the Best Television Brands to Invest In

There’s never been a better time to buy a smart TV. Even compared to a few years ago, prices are dropping quickly and technology is improving.

Stunning picture quality that would have been out of reach ten years ago is now standard in many homes.

image - A Tech-Lover's Guide to the Best Television Brands to Invest In
A Tech-Lover’s Guide to the Best Television Brands to Invest In

Also, new streaming services and live options like Hulu Live or YouTube TV combine the best features of streaming and live TV.

Which television brands should you look for when shopping for a new TV? Here, we’ll look at several of the best-selling television brands and their offerings, so you can determine which TV is right for your needs.

Terms to Know When Looking for a New TV

TVs can often overwhelm the buyer with buzzwords and technical terms. Before you shop, make sure you know your 4K from your OLED from your HDMI.


1080p was the buzzy high-definition of ten years ago but is now relegated to budget TVs. 4K is the standard for mid-range TVs.

These terms refer to the rows of pixels present on the TV screen. 1080p televisions have 1,080 rows while 4K TVs have 2,160 rows (the “4K” term is rather misleading).

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio is the difference between the brightest white and the blackest black. More contrast allows for a better picture, so high-end TVs will have a higher contrast ratio.

Antenna Installation

If you want to watch cable, digital TV antenna installation may be necessary for your home. Make sure you choose a reputable installation company in your area.


LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are a 50-year-old technology still finding new applications today. LED TVs have a light shutter behind the TV screen that will light up or dim the TV based on the image.

OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) are a newer technology, where the LED technology is built into the screen itself. That means the screen itself is handling both light and picture.

OLEDs offer a superior color range. Because LEDs dim but do not shut off entirely, they are less capable of producing truly deep blacks and shadows. For this reason, OLED TVs are being produced by many best-selling television brands.

Quantum Dots/QLED

QLED TVs are a potential challenge to OLED TVs at the high end of the TV market. Samsung has thrown its support behind QLED, while LG and Sony use OLED.

QLEDs are normal LED TVs that use a special color filter made up of “quantum dots.” This allows for a greater range in color and brightness, comparable with OLED.

Generally, OLED TVs have superior blacks and shadows, while QLED excels in brightness. QLED can also be implemented in a variety of screen sizes, while OLED is limited between 48 and 88 inches.

The Best Television Brands for 2021

These are just a few of the many television brands on the market. They are among the best selling television brands, so they should be easy to find in any big box store.


South Korea’s Samsung is the biggest seller of televisions in the world. Samsung offers a wide range of budget, midrange, and high-end TVs. Its highest-end TVs use quantum dot LEDs for stunning contrast and color depth.

Samsung is also pushing 8K definition, the highest resolution on the consumer market.

Some Samsung televisions also include voice control using Samsung’s voice assistant technology, named Bixby. It works similarly to Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, allowing you to control your television with only your voice.


You probably know LG for its quirky face logo and its “Life’s Good” slogan. LG is the world’s major manufacturer of OLED technology.

Its investment in OLED has kickstarted the technology after a slow start. LG’s OLED panels are even used in competitor’s televisions.

OLEDs allow for vivid color contrast and deep tones. LG makes a range of OLED TVs as well as more inexpensive LED models. Their largest TV is a staggering 83 inches!


TCL has burst onto the market in the past ten years as a budget brand. It is one of the best-selling television brands despite its newness.

TCL is known for its televisions bundled with the Roku software kit. This allows users to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more right out of the box.

TCL does not push the bleeding edge of technology like its competitors. Instead, it focuses on high-quality yet affordable LED TVs for the budget market.

If you’re buying your first TV for a small apartment and don’t need to prioritize the latest technology, TCL is a great choice.


Like its competitors, Sony offers a range of low, mid, and high-budget TVs with all the bells and whistles. What distinguishes Sony is its focus on audio technology.

As a manufacturer of high-end audio equipment as well as a record label, Sony has an edge when it comes to sound.

In the past, many TVs required an external sound system to overcome muddy, distorted television sound. Even on high-end models, the sound was an afterthought.

Sony TVs with Acoustic Surface Audio technology manages to deliver clear, enveloping sound directly from the TV itself.

If the great sound is a priority for you, Sony is an excellent choice.

Choosing the Right Television Brands for You

Hopefully, thanks to this overview, you now have an idea of what to look for in television. No matter what your needs, there is sure to be a television brand, or multiple television brands, for you.

Television is just part of the process of decorating your home and creating a comfortable space to live in. Check out our other articles for tips on choosing an apartment, decorating your home, and more.

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