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Tips to Choose a Reputable Plant Nursery and to Buy Plants

You may come across several plant nurseries, but all of these are not equal. There are a few strategic ways to choose a reputable plant nursery. Choosing the best plant nurseries will largely depend on more than a space full of healthy-looking plants.

It will also include the staff that should provide excellent customer service, skillful at plants, and has adequate gardening knowledge in your zone. They must also be available with tips and guidance to help you to choose the right plants.

Tips to Choose a Reputable Plant Nursery and to Buy Plants

Tips to Choose a Reputable Plant Nursery and to Buy Plants
Tips to Choose a Reputable Plant Nursery and to Buy Plants

The First Step

The first step to choose a reliable plant nursery is by checking their products. If you want some specific products like hydrangeas, you should check if the nursery has those plants or not.

This means you will need to take a close look at the health of the plants. You will also need to see whether or not they provide other items that are required for your garden.  Other things to look for are the:

  • The quality of the plants
  • The durability of it and
  • How readily these plants are available.

You must also see how helpful and knowledgeable the staff with the available range of products are. Gather all information about the nursery before you set foot in it. This means that you will need to look at the Better Business Bureau rating, looking at the sales sheets, and talking to other plant enthusiasts.

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Tips to Follow

Make sure that you know and follow a few specific processes and tips when you walk through the plant nursery.

  • Firstly, grab a cart and put on your hat so that you do not get burnt by the sun
  • Pull out your list of plants that you want to buy
  • Always shop during the week to avoid a crowd.
  • If you are shopping on weekends arrive at the nursery early
  • Know your annuals and perennials and buy according to your needs and garden conditions
  • Look at the place where the plants are located to differentiate between the sun and shade lovers.

Stay Within Your Budget

It is better to know and stay within your budget when you make your purchases in a plant nursery. There may be a few plants that will come in cell packs. Instead of buying it whole split it with your friends and family members to cut down the price.

It is better to check the local flyers during sales. Apart from that, you may also check out social media to find a few spectacular deals, discounts, and promotional offers made currently. You may also visit a few events to buy plants on a budget.

Take Your Time

Make sure that you have enough time in hand when you visit a plant nursery. You must never rush things and always make the first pass.

Take a walk around the nursery and look at everything they have so that you have a general idea of their stock and to find whether or not they have what you want.

Plant Nursery
Plant Nursery

Make sure you read the plant tags as these hold all key information. These tags will include:

  • What the plant needs
  • How much spacing is required
  • The size of the plant at the time of maturity
  • How to take care of the plants according to the climate.

Purchasing the Right Plants

When you take your walk in the plant nursery make sure you look at plants that have more leaves than flowers or at least more buds that bloom. Though a full-bloomed plant will look very attractive, a plant with more buds will be able to bear the transplant shock more easily.

Lastly, make sure that you buy the plants observe the roots because if you have week roots, the plant is of no use to buy.

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