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What You Need to Know about the Rain Chain

There are cycles in life and these cycles determine the natural order of things. To a large extent, we can say that they regulate life. This is primarily because we are able to observe and know the times and seasons by them.

image - What You Need to Know about the Rain Chain
What You Need to Know about the Rain Chain

Spring, summer, fall (autumn), and spring, each with not just its incredible uniqueness and beauty, but also with its challenges. But as humans, we have been able to adapt and have further learned to use it all to our advantage.

This is clear, not just in the obviously mighty inventions and innovations, but also in the supposedly minor inventions made to either ease up activities or as an outlet to display creativity. In some instances, however, the two converge.

An example would be in the case of the rain chain.

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What Is a Rain Chain?

These are basically literal chains or cups that link to each other vertically. These cups that are linked together each has a hole in it through which the rainwater that is channeled from the rooftop gutter passes through downward.

Its origins can be traced to Japan where its use was a common feature in both private houses and public houses like a place of worship etc.

It was known as the kusari-toi or kusari-doi which when interpreted literarily means chain gutter. You can learn more about these chains here.

What Are Its Uses?

image - Rain Chain, What Are Its Uses

While its historical functions in some cases were just decorative, it also served as a means through which water for different household duties could be collected or directed towards a drainage system.

However, its primary use was to prevent the rains from inflicting any form of damage on a building and also to prevent the raindrops from digging holes in the ground around the edges where they dropped.

In modern times, however, its styles and uses have evolved from the traditional Japanese style and can be incorporated into modern architectural designs.

Apart from the edges or eaves of your house, it can be used for other purposes like decorations around gardens.

Reasons Why People Use It

Questions might abound in the mind of a person who’s just hearing about this tool about its relevance in these modern days, or better still they may want to understand why people still go for it today.

The truth is that the question; what is a rain chain and what are its uses, cannot be fully answered until you see where it is used.

However, we will go ahead to try to share a few reasons why people are drawn to this device in our modern-day.

  1. They Are Just Beautiful:

The original intent behind making it was for it to be a thing of beauty aside from its other uses, and beautiful it is. Therefore, in all of its uses, it still adds that beautification factor.

  1. They Are Easy to Install:

This is another factor that enhances its appeal to people who use it. As a matter of fact, anyone can install it and wouldn’t have to go through a lot of stress to do so.

  1. They Are Affordable:

Contrary to what many might think about it, especially because of its exotic look, rain chains are not costly.

They are usually cheaper than you might have imagined especially when you contrast it with the purposes it serves.

  1. They Are Very Efficient:

In addition to its beauty and aesthetic value, another reason why it Is widely used is its efficiency. There is the tendency to assume that it is just for fancy and therefore no other real function. Well, this assumption is wrong!

  1. They Make a Great Sound:

This is unlike gutter downspouts that have an unnatural sound about them, especially since they are industrial by design.

Rain chains are made such that they are able to recreate natural sounds and in times of intense rain, may sound a bit like waterfalls.

  1. They Age With Grace:

This is another added advantage to purchasing and making use of it. While many things in life are expected to at least look bad and deteriorate with age, this rather becomes more beautiful as it ages.

You can read more about how it can fit into your home at https://www.daily-journal.com/life/home_garden/is-a-rain-chain-right-for-your-home/article_05cc7393-cca8-57f7-aac1-8dcedfc8133d.html.

How to Use It for Your Downspout Garden

image - Rain chain, How to Use It for Your Downspout Garden

Beyond just creating an avenue for water to drop off your roof, a path should be created to ensure that your garden or the landscaping surrounding your house will get sufficient water.

To achieve this, you would need to follow the steps below:

  • Create a basin into which the rainwater from the chain would drop. This basin would have to be angled and positioned such that the water droplets will be directed towards the garden and away from the house.
  • Install the actual rain chain and be careful to ensure that it is installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The next thing to do is to plant around that basin. To be able to do this, you have to ensure that the soil type is such that it is able to absorb water well. You should also ensure that what you are to plant can withstand a bit of flooding.

Generally, you could do all these (that is both the installation and the landscaping or planting) by yourself. However, where you are in doubt or where you are unable to make out time to do all these, you can always seek professional help.


There are little, inexpensive things that one can do to improve the aesthetics of a home, garden, or any space. It is not always common to find such items that are not only just for beautification but are also useful tools to have around.

The rain chain is one such rare commodity. It might just make the difference in how your home looks and feels.

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