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Window Cleaning: Best Tools That Make Cleaning the House Easier

Clean windows serve a great purpose in allowing your space to stay well lit and maintaining good general hygiene. However, it takes time and effort to keep your windows clean at work, at home, or even for your car.

Interestingly, windows accumulate dirt pretty first, but we tend to ignore or take some time before deciding to have the work done. Once you decide to get it done, you face the challenge of deciding the right tools, processes, and even detergents to use.

image - Window Cleaning - Best Tools That Make Cleaning the House Easier
Window Cleaning – Best Tools That Make Cleaning the House Easier

In this article, we will help you to easily settle on some of the essential tools you need to embark on successful window cleaning.

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Soft Brush

When using a do-it-yourself method, one of the important elements you should always keep in mind is that every tool you pick should be comfortable to use.

This relates to the grip when you hold it, the ease to move it around, and generally the ability to work well with it.

 A soft-bristled brush is used to remove stains stuck on your glass. It should be gentle on the glass and scrubs without leaving ugly marks on. The key thing is picking the right brush for your hand and for your window as well.

They come in a lot of different sizes and types; hence the need to know what really works. Some have long handles for easier high rise window cleaning, while others are simply meant for the palm of the hand.

Quality Squeegee

You might have seen how amazing the employee at the gas station turns around the windscreen of your car with a squeegee. With just a few strokes using clean water and soap, you have a clean windscreen that looks totally transformed.

You can have the same results on window panes at your home or in the office using the right kind of squeegee.

An essential determinant factor in picking the right squeegee is quality. Not all squeegees will give you the kind of results you are looking for. Specifically consider the following factors: weight, the right length, rubber blade, and the handle that will give you proper grip.

A squeegee with a very sharp blade will help you do a better job draining water from the windows. Also, consider a blade that can be changed over time once it wears off because of frequent use.

Lint-Free Rugs

It’s very heartbreaking to clean windows and every time small pieces of fibers are stubbornly left on. To avoid this, pick the right lint-free rags to dry off your window panes. A good way of minimizing cost is buying a large pack so that you only have to pick one at a time.

They specifically work very well to dry off spots left by water drops and they also help to clean the corners of your windows. If you are working on a budget, you can also pick an old piece of lint-free clothing. It will still have the work done.

Special Window- Track Brush

Whereas we do a good job at maintaining clean window panes, the same doesn’t always happen with the window track. This is the rail on which the windowpane is fitted.

Depending on the design of your window, you may find that dirt accumulates on the window track and becomes very stubborn to deal with.

Window track cleaning brushes usually have thin edges and a smaller, thinner tip at the front end. They also have hard bristles, making it easy to rub the trackback and forth.

The bristles are made to simply work the tracks back and forth. An old toothbrush with that is large-sized can also be a good option to work out the track.

Large-Sized Soft Sponge

A soft sponge will just work fine on in helping you to apply detergent and softly scrub off dirt.

However, you need to choose the right kind of sponge; one that is absorbent but also easy to rinse off with clean water. The sponge is a good combination of other tools and helps to make the work easier.

A sponge is less costly and will still help you on this mission, especially when cleaning windows with a short arm-length. It will not work well on high windows unless you have a ladder.

Just assemble a Basic Window-Cleaning Starter kit

The easiest way to start off is by assembling a few essentials that you will need along the way. A bucket of water, a ladder, and your preferred detergent will all come in handy while working out your window cleaning.

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Although the basic tools needed for a good job are mainly the same, the approaches may vary depending on several factors. The design of your windows, the sizes, and even the type of window panes are all factors you need to put in place.

This notwithstanding, a cleaning job can be done frequently or give one thorough cleaning occasionally.

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