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9 Craft Room Organization Ideas

Crafting is more than just a hobby — it’s a passion. And it’s a passion that can take over the whole house if you’re not careful!

As a crafter, there are always little odds and ends you absolutely must have, and there are always sales that are too good to pass up. It can seem like there is never enough, even when your supply bins are overflowing.

image - 9 Organization Ideas for Your Arts and Crafts Room
9 Organization Ideas for Your Arts and Crafts Room

Should you get rid of some of your excess stuff? Should you stop buying those amazing deals? No way! You just need to get organized.

To help you keep your crafting supplies neat and orderly, use these nine craft room organization ideas.

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1. Load Up on Mason Jars

Most crafts involve some type of tiny bits or pieces. Usually, these bits and pieces are difficult to store and make big messes when they’re not stored correctly.

Mason jars (or any clear container with a secure lid) will become your best friend when it comes to storing these odds and ends.

Supply bins and boxes are great, but you can’t see what’s inside them. Jars with lids, like the old-fashioned Mason jar, make organizing little bits and pieces a cinch.

Since they don’t take up a lot of space, you can pack a variety of jars into drawers or onto shelves. This declutters your room and gives you plenty of space to work without clutter.

2. Invest in Wall Storage

Your craft room isn’t limited to what you currently have. With a bit of creativity, you can use every inch of wall space, including your ceilings, to add storage!

Pegboards are easy to mount and are the perfect tool for hanging things you use frequently. All you have to do is accent them with a few hooks, and you’ll have some hanging storage space for scissors and other items with handles.

Standalone, hanging and built-in shelves are another way to add more storage space on your walls. If you have the setup for it, a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf or wall-mounted cabinet looks seamless and organized in any room.

3. Repurpose Your Furniture

As a crafter, you’re naturally creative. Use that imagination to repurpose your unused furniture!

With a new coat of paint and some refinishing, you can turn an old desk into a functional craft desk. And with an upholstery overhaul, you can have a sweet new desk chair!

Bookshelves and wall units are perfect for storing baskets, Mason jars, and other organizers. Even stools work well as in-the-moment shelves for those tools you don’t need that second but want to keep nearby.

4. Display Your Collections

Instead of hiding everything in drawers to keep the room looking neat, go with it! Get rid of the junk (like trash and things you never use), but keep the cluttered theme and use it to your favor.

You have a lot of clutter. You’re proud of it. Show it off as decor!

Look around your room to see which of your crafts are pleasing to the eye. Those are the items you want to look at when you’re working in the room.

Use your shelf space to display your colorful Mason jars, rubber stamps, or anything that you use frequently. Your collection of crafting supplies is a masterpiece that you should be able to enjoy without hiding everything away!

5. Get Trays for Your Drawers

With great clutter comes great temptation to shove it haphazardly in drawers. You must ignore this urge and avoid the junk drawer trap.

Instead, consider buying some organizers to help you get your drawers in order. Whatever your needs, there’s an organizer for you, like:

The junk drawer is not a necessity. Look around for tools that you can use to keep everything organized. There’s bound to be something perfect for you out there!

6. Set Up Your Paper Like the Pros

There’s something satisfying about walking down the aisle in a craft store and seeing all the varieties of paper laid out neatly in stacks.

You, too, can use display trays like craft stores to hold your paper supplies. All it takes is a file organizer that fits on your shelves or another surface.

If the organizers are too wide for your preference or you’d rather not spend the money, you can grab some magazine holders. These are usually inexpensive but plain.

Decorate them and store your paper visibly on shelves, just like the pros!

7. Use the Door

The flat surface of the door carries a lot of overlooked storage potential.

Wire or plastic organizers affixed to the door are great for holding awkward supplies that don’t seem to go anywhere else. Gift wrap, ribbons, and bottles of paint are just the right width and weight to keep on the door.

Don’t use anything too wide, or the door won’t open and close right. Avoid heavy items, too, unless you’ve thoroughly secured the organizers to a solid door.

8. Find Unique Ways to Label Everything

When it comes to organizing crafts, labeling is essential. Even better, it can be fun!

Sure, you can use a label maker. Or, you can get creative and find unique ways to remind yourself what’s in each drawer, bin, or box.

If a drawer contains certain colors of paint, take a piece of cardboard and swipe each color on it. Then, hang the cardboard on the outside of the drawer.

For buttons, stickers, and other little supplies, take one of each item and glue or tape it to the outside of the container.

You can also make your own tags and keep track of what’s where with your decorative labels.

9. Borrow from Other Organizers

Purchasing ‘craft supply organizers’ sometimes comes with a hefty price. You may be able to find products that do the same job cheaper if you look in other departments.

The idea of a three-tiered tray to store your little pieces is smart, but skip the craft store and look for serving stands in the kitchen goods.

Makeup organizers are designed to hold little items, so they work well for craft supplies, too. And if you have cupboards or drawers in your craft room to organize, don’t forget about Lazy Susans!


There’s no need to downsize your craft supplies to make more room. In fact, once you use these tips to get organized, you can go buy more!

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