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Garden in Rock Style: Main Peculiarities

Tastes differ. Someone is fond of tender roses and fragrant lavender while the others admire the intense color and aroma of lilies and gladiolus.

Person’s preferences can’t but impact your choice of landscape design. Nowadays there is a wide range of available variants. It’s even possible though difficult to grow cactus in Alaska or pine in California.

Yet, more and more people tend to create a wild, naturalistic style garden. One of the trendiest variants is a rocky landscape design. When it’s done properly, you can’t keep your eyes off the view.

image - Garden in Rock Style - Main Peculiarities
Garden in Rock Style: Main Peculiarities

There is a mistaken belief that gardens in rocky style are inhospitable, distant, and joyless. Yet, if planned well, they are the best place to relax after a hard-working day.

Yet, it’s not an easy task to rearrange all the elements and organize space. It’s better to ask for help. If you don’t want to hire landscape designers, you definitely need to get acquainted with the following information.

5 Advantages of the Rock Gardens

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  1. It’s Universal

Perhaps, one of the largest pluses of rocky gardens is that they are suitable for every climate. Stones are not afraid of heat, winds, or frost. You don’t need to worry about unexpected rain or snowfall.

Landowners from all over the globe have a chance to savor the benefits of rocky gardens. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how large your backyard or lawn is.

The design can be created in any place. It’s only necessary to pick up the materials of the corresponding size. You may be surprised to get to know that some people create miniature samples

  1. It’s Trendy

Zen garden is another name for popular landscape design. It has a long history and is closely connected with Japanese culture. Dry landscape design has many common features with minimalism which is extremely popular today.

Moreover, rocky elements are not obligatory grey, black or brown. Nowadays it’s possible to find bright and colorful variants. Moreover, you can add a vivid focal point.

  1. Low Maintenance

The modern pace of life is really crazy. It’s almost impossible to find a couple of hours for sleep or even a couple of minutes for morning exercise. Gardening is out of the question. It’s a rather time-consuming hobby.

Yet, not everyone is ready (or able) to hire experts to keep your property in order. At the same time, everyone wants to savor an awesome appeal of his or her backyard. A rocky garden is a perfect solution.

Its main peculiarity is that you don’t need to plant many vines. It’s enough to make a couple of flowerbeds to attract pollinators. The only problem you should be ready to face is weeding. The pesky plants are able to spoil even the most gorgeous design.

That’s why it’s important to apply woven landscape fabric that is almost invisible and prevents weeding. It’s possible to pick up woven landscape fabric of any size. Moreover, there are models with 20 years of lifespan. It’s not only comfortable but cost-effective, too.

  1. It is Able to Make the Plot Look Bigger

The thing is that stones and rocks are associated with large and wild territories. When you look at them, you get the sense the territory is bigger. You can enhance this effect by using light colors and reflective surfaces.

  1. It Adds Texture and Diversity

With the help of stones of different sizes, shapes, and colors, you may not only zone the area but also highlight the strength or depth of your property.

Main Elements of Rocky Gardens

You should understand that it’s not a good idea to bring all the stones you find in the street to your house. You are to use pea, river, lava samples or even boulders. It’s also possible to find a place for flagstones and rainbow rocks.

Moreover, an awesome landscape design consists not only of rocks. Water, bridges, shrubs, and some flowers are also desirable.

To conclude, it’s worth highlighting that rocky garden is not only trendy but very attractive landscape design you can’t but appreciate.

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