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A Complete Guide to Roofing

Several factors are involved and must be considered before deciding the roof type you want for your house. Different types, styles, and materials are available from which you can choose.

Guide to Roofing

Complete Guide to Roofing

A Complete Guide to Roofing

Keeping the installation requirements in mind, the cost of the materials involved, contractor charges, all play an important role in deciding the roof type you choose. You must do a survey before choosing the right material for your roof. For that purpose, you need to have some basic information to help you select the right kind of material.


Measurement doesn’t go in “square feet” in the roofing business, it is rather termed as “square”. A square is equal to 100 square feet in area. For a common two-story house there is usually 1500 square feet of roofing. To calculate it in a square, divide that roofing are by 100, and the result is 15 squares. That is how the standard measurement in roofing goes. You can inquire with the contractor about the quote after telling him/her the area in a square.

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Cost, well, always plays the biggest role in choosing the roof type. Without having the knowledge of basic information about the house, it is very difficult to determine the precise cost of the roof. It all starts with the price of materials, the existing condition of the roof (in the case of re-roofing), damages that need to be taken care of etc. These factors must be discussed before the installation of the new roof with the roofer before the roofing process starts.

The shape of your roof plays an important part in the cost estimation as well. The more the skylights or other things on the roof, the more the cost of the job.


The right type of material for your roof depends a lot on your roof type. Not every material can be used for every roof. Flat roofs need different surface than steeper ones. A profession and skilled roofer in Dearborn MI can help you with these questions. You must discuss these with the roofer before the beginning of the installations.

Materials commonly used in roofing are as under:

  • Wood

Wood is a great option for roofs, but it costs much more than asphalt shingles, therefore heavy on the pocket.

  • Asphalt Shingle

Used by the majority of people, and the least expensive one. These roofs are found everywhere. Easy to install, but never do it yourself. Always ask a roofer for installation. These can last from 15 to 30 years and are less expensive than wood.

  • Slate

The heaviest and the most durable roof material. These can last up to a hundred years and looks very nice as well. And therefore, expensive as well.

  • Metal

Aluminum, copper, steel, copper-asphalt, and lead are used in metal. These are durable and expensive roof materials.

  • Tile and Cement

These roofs are one of the most expensive types and are very heavy, therefore homeowners don’t choose them often. Less popular and are not selected by majority either.

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What to Choose?

Mostly, it depends upon your house. Its roof style determines the selection of the materials you want for roofing. One can select the roof style before building a new house, but if you are re-roofing, then you are limited by the roof style to choose some specific materials.

No matter what type of roof you choose, it needs flash. Flashing must be done expertly to keep your house watertight and save it from any leaks.

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