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9 Spring Decor Ideas to Freshen up Your Apartment

Are you excited that it’s springtime again?

The flowers are blooming, and the cold nights are disappearing.

With the arrival of spring, you get to head outdoors. That’s excellent news because being outside means you get to soak up the fresh and warm weather.

And, better yet, you get to decorate for the season! This is the perfect time to add traces of spring throughout your apartment.

image - 9 Spring Decor Ideas to Freshen up Your Apartment
9 Spring Decor Ideas to Freshen up Your Apartment

From pastel pillows to cozy linens, your apartment will look fresh and inviting. Enjoy creating a light and airy look with these nine decor ideas.

The decorations you infuse will make you feel alive — like the flowers outside!

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1. Fresh Flowers

There’s nothing like a vase full of fresh flowers to brighten your space.

Put some in the kitchen for an instant mood lifter. You could also place some in your bedroom. You’ll love waking up and seeing them in the morning!

If you don’t want flowers that die, plant a few or buy a few small potted plants. A bookshelf or kitchen counter make great homes for your flowers.

Bright and cheery flowers will no doubt make your apartment look and smell wonderful.

2. Pastel Pillows

If you’d like to infuse traces of spring, add some pastel pillows.

Putting pastel pillows in a living room is ideal. Your living room may have neutrals. And if that’s the case, pastel pillows will complement the space nicely.

Even if there aren’t neutral colors in the living room, you can switch out a few things to make it work.

Pastel pillows are easy to add to a sofa or bed and then put away after springtime.

Have fun, while adding a touch of spring to your interiors with pretty pillows!

3. Cozy Linens

If you happen to have a table in your kitchen area, add some cozy linens.

Table linens look beautiful on a kitchen table. Paired with spring table settings and flowers, you’ll have a cheery layout.

Linens also come in a variety of patterns. Pastel, floral, and plaid are all patterns that would breathe life into your apartment.

Place them where you eat and look forward to socializing in a happy place.

Be sure to get some in a few different spring patterns so you can switch them out when company comes over!

4. Layered Area Rugs

Layering area rugs will create a plush and unique look.

Find a bigger, thicker rug for the bottom and then add one with a spring design on top.

For example, you could get a rug in the shape of a flower, such as a botanical flower. Imagine how fresh and inviting that would look on top of another rug!

Not only will this look nice aesthetically, but if it’s still cold in the mornings, it’ll feel soft on your feet!

5. Lightweight Blankets

Gone are the cold and dreary days of winter, where you need thick blankets to stay warm.

In place of winter blankets, get a few breathable cotton throw blankets. They’ll provide the right amount of warmth during the springtime.

If you’d like a bit of color in your blankets, look for a few lightweight throws with a floral design.

Basic neutral blankets are also excellent for spring. And, if you want, they can stay in your interiors throughout the year!

6. Springtime Removable Decals

If you’d like to add spring decor to your wall that isn’t permanent, get some removable decals.

Removable decals are suitable for an apartment since they won’t cause any damage. And they look fantastic in any room!

A few decal ideas are hanging branches, ladybugs, and abundant florals.

Inviting spring into your apartment in the form of decals will make all the difference!

7. Natural Lampshades

We’ve been bringing up natural elements and neutral colors a lot in this article. We mention it because both fit right in with springtime!

They go well in any room, come in breathable fabrics, and add to a charming apartment.

You can’t go wrong with natural elements! And that’s why incorporating natural lampshades is another idea!

Swapping out your lampshade again for future seasons gets tiresome. So, to keep things simple, maintain natural ones made out of linen on your lamps year-round.

8. Colorful Shower Curtain

A shower curtain with a spring theme is another element that will blend in seamlessly. Install one in your bathroom for a splash of color.

Do you have a pattern in mind?

We’ve been bringing up flowers a lot, but that’s because they’re suitable for spring! Not only that, but they make a bathroom more inviting and carefree.

But, besides flowers, you could select a shower curtain with fruit, such as lemon or oranges (or both!).

Spring is all about starting anew and breathing in the fresh air. So why not create that type of atmosphere in your bathroom and other rooms?

9. Extra Mirrors

Let there be light… in your apartment! Bring in more light by integrating a few more mirrors in your interiors.

Mirrors are stylish and trendy elements that already stand out on their own. Use them to create rays of light, and they’ll be all the more enchanting!

Are you wondering how to get this comforting light?

Well, if you put a mirror on a reflective surface, it’ll pick up the natural light surrounding it!

Putting a mirror on a reflective surface is a fun and easy trick that’ll create the right amount of lighting.

In Conclusion

Spring is all about incorporating decor that makes you feel comforted and happy when you see it.

A lot of springtime decor comes in pastels and neutrals, making it easy to include elements to any interior.

Layering a rug with a flower rug will make your rug combo pop. And, springtime linens in your kitchen will help guests feel right at home.

Be creative as you infuse spring into your apartment. A joyful apartment will give anyone who enters an instant mood boost.

Even though it’s nice being outdoors, you’ve now brought some spring inside your apartment too!

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