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Top 5 Design Tips for a Loft Apartment

In the United States, someone is moving into an apartment every 32 seconds. And while moving isn’t most people’s idea of a fun afternoon, it’s hard not to admit that decorating a new place isn’t a ton of fun.

However, not all apartments are the same. So, if you’re decorating for a loft apartment, you need to keep that fact in mind when planning your layout.

The good news? We can help you get the absolute most out of your new apartment!

image - Top 5 Design Tips for a Loft Apartment
Top 5 Design Tips for a Loft Apartment

In this article, we’ll give you a few tips and tricks you can use when decorating a loft apartment. We’ll tell you how to maximize your space, what decor you should invest in, and even a few mistakes to avoid along the way.

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Purge Any Unwanted Items Beforehand

If you’re getting ready to move into a loft apartment, and you haven’t packed up your old place yet, go ahead and set aside a few boxes for giveaway items. It goes without saying, but purging a ton of items before you move will make both the move itself, as well as setting up your new loft apartment, that much easier.

If you’ve already moved, and you’re starting to put things away, that’s fine! You can still find items that you no longer need as you unpack, and donating and selling them can free up even more space.

A good rule of thumb? If you haven’t used or worn something in more than a year, you can most likely afford to get rid of it. And again, this is a crucial part of the equation, as it will ensure that you’re only dealing with items you actually use and want.

Get Organized Early on in the Process

To piggyback off of that last point, it’s important that you get organized, and stay organized, throughout the process. Take time to create a place, and even layout your rooms on paper, so you know where everything is going to go beforehand.

As you start unpacking and setting up your loft apartment, try to take it one area at a time. That way you avoid your entire apartment becoming one big mess during the process, leading to more stress and confusion along the way.

Again, don’t be afraid to create a packing list and then assign each item to a particular space in your apartment. This is easier to do when packing up, but if it’s too late for that, you can make one as you unpack your boxes post-move.

Be Smart With How You Use Your Corner Spaces

Regardless of how big your loft apartment is, or how it’s laid out, odds are you have plenty of corner spaces to work with. When used properly, these spaces can help you keep your apartment both open and organized.

The best way to use a corner space? Build or purchase a shelf that fits in the corner perfectly. That way you can use that space for storing and displaying items, again, freeing up floor space in your apartment.

At the same time, don’t be afraid to leave a corner open in an attempt to make your apartment feel more comfortable. Corner spaces in your room near doors, for example, are often best left alone, as it makes your room feel warmer and more inviting.

Go Vertical With Your Storage

One of the most important things you can do when designing a loft apartment is to make sure you maximize your storage space. And one of the most creative ways to get more storage space is to go vertical and use your walls.

Things like bookshelves, hanging shelves, and even hooks allow you to keep your items out on display without taking up much square footage. On top of being efficient with your items, you’ll also be making your space feel more like you and your personality, as your belongings will be on display for guests to see.

The best part? It’s an affordable way to decorate your apartment. After all, bookshelves are relatively inexpensive and you can build them yourself. And installing hanging hooks or shelves doesn’t require you to be all that handy, either.

Stick to Useful Wall Decor Only

While going vertical with your storage is a great use of available wall space, it’s not the only useful way to decorate a wall. With that being said, sticking to useful wall decor is key, especially when working with smaller spaces.

So, what are some other useful items you can hang up on your walls? Things like baskets and corkboards can help you stay organized. And if you’ve got a bike, but no place to store it, hanging it on your wall can make for a fun centerpiece.

Putting a mirror next to your front door can not only make your space feel bigger, but it’s also nice to be able to take one last look at yourself before walking out the door. And again, you can beat various hooks to hang things like jackets, keys, and bags on.

Invest in Dual-Purpose Furniture Pieces

We can’t stress enough just how important storage space is when dealing with loft apartments. The ability to tuck things away neatly will allow for you to get the most out of your space, which of course is what you want.

Another clever way to increase storage space in your apartment is to invest in dual-purpose furniture.

Things like beds, couches, chairs, and footrests that come with storage inside are a great way to put away items without taking up a lot of square footage.

This is a great tip if you don’t have much closet space in your apartment or you’re someone who owns a lot of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

A murphy bed, if it fits in your loft, or using your dining room table as a desk is another great way to get the most out of your layout. Simply put, picking up a large piece of furniture that only does one thing isn’t a good idea unless you have a ton of space to work with.

Go With a Light Color Palette for Your Apartment

There are more than a few tips and tricks you can use to make your space feel bigger than it is. One of the most effective is to go with a light color palette for your apartment.

If you can, consider painting your walls white, or light gray, to brighten up your loft apartment. Then, use bright colors sparingly to add some fun vibes to your rooms.

If you can’t paint, and you aren’t happy with your walls, go with a light tapestry and use it as an accent wall. This can work well if you have some space over your bed or desk that you aren’t sure what to do with.

Remember to Keep It Simple

If you’re moving into your first apartment, you’re going to be excited. And even if you’ve been out on your own before, having a new space to work with can be something fun to sink your teeth into for a few weeks.

That’s 100% understandable and completely okay, as everyone enjoys a fresh start every now and again.

With that in mind, it’s important to remember to keep it simple throughout the entire decorating process.

Going with the less is more approach is never a bad idea when decorating apartments, as having too many things can clutter up your space, which isn’t good for your mental health.

Because of this, you may have to make some sacrifices with your space. You might not have room for a dedicated dining area or the perfect home workspace.

But, if you make a list of priorities, and you’re really clever with how you lay things out, you should be able to get everything that you really need and want out of your apartment.

Use These Tips to Design a Loft Apartment Like a Pro

Designing any space can feel overwhelming if you’re starting from scratch. But by using this guide, you’ll be able to design a loft apartment like a professional! So, if you’re getting ready to move into your new apartment, and you’re not sure how to set things up, stick to these rules and you’ll love the end result.

Remember, having a good plan in place is key to designing and decorating your apartment. Take your time unpacking things, and try to find as many useful and creative ways to store items as you can.

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