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Top Plywood Companies of India

The plywood industry is a fast-growing industry in India. With good demand for plywood throughout the country, the plywood industry has gained importance in the construction field.

Plywood is extensively used in sectors such as housing and automobiles. Top plywood companies in India are engaged in the manufacture of plywood throughout the country.

image - Top Plywood Companies of India
Top Plywood Companies of India

However, there is severe competition in India’s plywood industry, with plywood top companies in India serving as excellent resources for all types of woodworks and products.

Top plywood companies in India are responsible for satisfying all the needs and demands of customers and satisfying the industry competition.

There is a great demand for plywood in the market due to its characteristics such as hard-wearing, cost-effectiveness, and stability.

A wide range of plywood products manufactures by these companies, such as flooring, furniture, paneling, stairs, and many more.

Competitive Prices

These companies provide efficient services to their customers at competitive rates to satisfy their customers.

In order to gain maximum profit from the sale of lumber and plywood products, these companies adhere to quality norms and strictly observe hygiene methods while producing, packaging, storing and transporting the finished products.

They also undertake specialized packaging of finished plywood and lumber.

Quality Service and Products

The primary aim of these companies is to provide quality services and products. The company staff follows advanced techniques of wood preservation while producing quality products.

These company employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge about tree preservation to quickly solve your problem regarding your wood products’ safety.

As far as the pricing policy is concerned, these companies follow a full-fledged cost-effective pricing system. This helps them to earn an income by selling the products at a better and cheaper rate.

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Follows Full-Colour Label with Glossy Finish

Plywood manufacturing units in India follow a full-color label along with a glossy finish. They also add a vinyl film to the surface of the lumber so that it protects against scratches, spillages, damages, and losses.

The main benefit of using a plastic coating on plywood products is that it protects the wood from environmental damages and makes it last for a long time.

Plastic Coated Surface Increase the Products Life

The other advantage of using a plastic-coated surface of India’s plywood industry is that it increases the life of the products.

The companies in India mainly export lightweight plywood products that are used for building constructions such as homes, buildings, and office structures.

They mainly export teak and cedar plywood because they are considered one of the best plywood materials due to superior quality and resistance to weather conditions.

If you have a project of constructing a building and if you will require the use of heavy-duty plywood, then you should contact a reputable Plywood Products Manufacturing Company of India.

These companies offer quality services and products at highly competitive prices.

Export Products to Various Parts

Most of the top plywood industry of India is located in the northern part of the country.

Most of the plywood industry’s leading products are exported to various parts of the world, such as the US, Canada, China, Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries.

There is a rapid growth of the plywood industry in India because of the increasing demand for plywood by these countries’ people.

This has increased the sales of the top plywood companies in India and helped them to expand their business in a fast way.

How to Identify Best Quality Plywood?

  • The plywood should not have too many core gaps. Look for this thing in the side profile along the length and breadth of a panel.
  • A plywood panel’s strength is predicated on its capacity to hold a nail while being used in furniture. Before buying plywood, ask your dealer to hammer in a nail into the side profile of a sheet. If the layers split on nailing, the bonding isn’t strong enough and will not work for furniture work.
  • Measure using a vernier caliper. Measure all the four edges of the ply to check if any variation in thickness is present. Click: how to read calipers guide.
  • If you are purchasing waterproof plywood, cut a small piece of the sheet and put it in water, and boil the pressure cooker. Let it ‘cook’ for five whistles and take it out. Its layers should remain structurally intact. This means that the resin used is of high quality.

If you want to purchase the top plywood made from the top manufacturers in India, you can contact these companies websites.

You can also avail the services of their executives online through telephonic and email. You can also talk to the customers directly who have already purchased their plywood products from these companies.

You will get an idea about the quality and type of the products from the customer feedback. You can easily make the right decision while selecting the top plywood company in India.