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Cheap Homes Can Still Look Fantastic by Implementing These Simple Improvements!

Cheap homes come at a price, and I’m not talking about dollars. You can say goodbye to that lovely foyer you’ve always wanted. Ditto for the sprawling yard.

But with the right home improvement projects, you can turn your cheap home into a dream home. You might not believe it, but there are some simple and affordable ways to live in luxury.

Cheap Homes Can Still Look Fantastic by Implementing These Simple Improvements
Cheap Homes Can Still Look Fantastic by Implementing These Simple Improvements!

Cheap Homes Can Still Look Fantastic by Implementing These Simple Improvements

Don’t believe me? You will after you see these inspiring 7 ways to improve the look and class of any home.

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  1. Start with Curb Appeal

Landscaping and other outdoor projects are cheap ways to increase home value. Flowers, hedges, and low-maintenance plants can add color, character, and charm.

But cheap homes don’t always have yards, so then what? It’s not easy to pull off a good look with flowerpots by your front door. Try a minimalist approach.

How’s your entry door? Even a mid-range door can give your home a pop of color and sturdiness. While ornate glass designs have long been a symbol of luxury, a wood-grain pattern is a suitable alternative.

And if you’re already replacing the door, don’t forget about the exterior light fixture.

Is your home number by the door? Remove it and install an address plate instead. Be sure to check with your homeowner’s association beforehand, if you happen to be part of one.

  1. Cheap Homes Need Storage

Old and cheap homes tend to have limited storage space. They weren’t designed with storage in mind, and a cheap price means less square footage. But storage is essential to keeping a great looking home.

Why? You’ll have to deal with clutter when your home’s space is limited. Thankfully, you have ways of improving your home storage options.

Make the most of your current storage space. This could mean installing shelving or cabinets in existing closets. But if that’s not enough, you may want to install some new closets.

Furniture can help, too. Purchase decorative chests, trunks, and bookcases to hide most of your clutter.

  1. Bring Out the Lights

Want to know one of the best ways to improve your home? It’s all about the lighting. Pendant lighting fixtures are affordable and classy, perfect for both the dining and living room.

Take it a step further and layer your lighting with the addition of sconces or standing lamps. Then finish your luxurious lighting by installing a dimmer switch.

It’s a cheap, easy way to make any room look its best. Otherwise, you may have too much lighting, which can make a room feel sterile. Or instead, you’ll suffer from the opposite and things will just be gloomy.

  1. Get the Paint Brush

It’s no secret that paint can transform any home. Since paint trends change over time, choosing the right color can make even older homes appear updated. No matter your budget, paint is sure to be an affordable option.

If you’re looking to sell your house, choose neutral colors like soft blues, greens, and grays. As a rule of thumb, avoid painting over trim or molding.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen some questionable paint trends online. But really, it’s best to keep things simple.

Want an accent wall? Then go for it.

But maybe leave the stripes and other novelty designs at home. Or… don’t. Really. Just don’t.

  1. Lime Plaster Adds Texture

Not big on paint? Lime plaster is a great alternative. Its subtle, neutral colors match modern design trends.

But it does more than paint ever could. Lime plaster provides milky, understated texture. Luxury bathrooms tend to use lime plaster not just for the aesthetic, but also for the functionality.

That’s because lime plaster is breathable, which means you don’t have to worry about moisture getting trapped in your walls. Bathroom renovations offer some of the best returns of any home improvement project. But really, lime plaster is a beautiful finish for any room in the house.

It’s also environmentally friendly. Not convinced? Read more about lime plaster benefits.

  1. Keep It Clean

Since it accumulates over time, you can quickly become blind to the filth in your own home. Walls can lose their luster when caked in dust or cigarette smoke. Likewise, rugs are fond of collecting dirt, dust, and other types of detritus.

Steam clean your carpets from time to time and wash down the walls with a damp rag. And don’t forget about the big offenders: the kitchen and bathroom. The dirt between tilework can make any home appear drab.

And don’t forget about the outside. Clean the shutters and keep the grass maintained.

Just keeping things tidy is one of the best ways to keep your home looking its best.

  1. Furniture Is Important Too

Home improvement can only do so much. Remember that the interior design of your home plays a crucial role in how it’s perceived. Worn-down, mismatched furniture will ruin your home’s look.

Prioritize items with great texture, such as couches, rugs, and pillows. You can achieve this even if you’re on a budget. Just turn to your nearest thrift store and gather a collection of antique items.

With a new bucket of paint, antiques can create a lovely, cozy atmosphere. Plus, they won’t break the bank.

Ready to Improve the Look of Your Home?

It all starts with one project. Since cheap homes tend to need a lot of love, odds are yours does too. And that’s okay.

Take it one step at a time. Identify which region of your home needs the most love. Is the exterior in need of a wash and a new entry door?

Perhaps you can start with something cheaper and simpler, like luxurious lime plaster in the bathroom. Whatever you do, remember to be patient. If you work down this home improvement list every weekend, soon enough you’ll be living in the lap of luxury.

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