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Creating the Perfect Bedroom for Summer

It’s time to get rid of your spring motif and get ready for the summer! There are a lot of things to do in order to create the perfect bedroom for the summer. But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here to give you ideas and inspirations to start creating the summer dream bedroom you always want!

Creating the Perfect Bedroom for Summer
Creating the Perfect Bedroom for Summer

Creating the Perfect Bedroom for Summer

Why create a summer-inspired bedroom if you can enjoy summer outdoors? Well, that’s true but having a summer bedroom appropriate for the weather not only gives you a smile when you come home to rest but it also provides you comfort in this generally “hotter” months of the year and give you that cool feeling all day long even if you decide to just stay in your room and don’t bother going out.

Let the light IN

The true essence of summer is the sunshine (in most countries) we get compared to all the other months we have in a year. Don’t waste that sunshine! That’s what my grandma always said. This is as true in so many levels as we need sunshine not only for our physical health but makes us happy as well.

There’s something about the summer that makes us happy and cheerful; one perfect example is when we go to out of town trips or just a simple walk through the local beach gives you that sense of being.

Below are two very important aspects that you need to look into if you want to let the light into your bedroom and take advantage of that natural light when it’s shining the brightest.

  • Drapes

Let’s get rid of the drapes that you have there since the last winter season! You can still go with drapes if that’s your style but we strongly suggest going for lighter materials that do not block the sunlight from going inside your bedroom. Winter drapes not only block the sunlight but it keeps the cold and of course summer breeze outside as well; we wouldn’t want that.

Go for thin/lighter materials that will complement the summer. If you’re a certain person then go for short curtains that will freely fly when you open up the window and let the breeze come in. Believe it or not, the sight and feel of curtains being swayed by the breeze is such a relaxing view that you wouldn’t regret choosing short/light curtains.

  • Windows/Natural Light

If you’re living in an apartment and have minimal access to windows then you need to be creative. One idea is to actually place curtains on the wall and create an illusion that you do have a functional window. This tricks your mind into thinking that you have access to natural air but in reality, you don’t.

For people, those are lucky enough to have multiple windows inside their bedroom then take advantage of that! Always keep the windows open and let the natural light of summer take control of your room! Natural light not only illuminates your room but this creates interesting light contrasts as it hits different parts and fixtures inside.

Lighten the Mood

For your room to look at summer as it can be we need to incorporate summer colors into your palette. Keep away from dark winter colors as this creates a “warmer” feel compared to the summer shades that you should use. Below are colors that you might want to consider in repainting your room with:

  • Vibrant Orange
  • Sky Blue
  • Green Apple
  • Refreshing Lime
  • Tropical Pink
  • Nature Neutrals

Our favorites would be Green Apple and Refreshing Lime. We also recommend going with nature neutrals as this can be perfect if used properly. If you go with neutrals make sure that you know the nature pallet that surrounds your house. Is it more of a grayish/brownish environment you have around your house? If you so then go with that color! What this does is it creates an endless barrier between your room and the outside world.

Once you decide to open up the windows and let the breeze get inside your room and your vision will be border-less due to the matching colors you have. We do only suggest this to people that have larger windows to maximize the illusion. If we have “infinity pools” then you can also have “infinity windows” that lets you feel the summer without restrictions.

Simplify Your Room

We bet that you still have all the knick-knacks from last winter season stashed in your room as we speak. Please try to minimize the clutter that you have in your room. With this summer we want you guys to go with the minimalist style as this lets the air circulate better in your room and will definitely create the summer room you always wanted. We’re not suggesting throwing excess furniture but it would be better to store them now and keep them away from your room and bring them out for the next season.

Bed Positioning

If you have multiple windows surrounding your room then position your bed in-between these windows to create a natural airflow that goes around and up your bed. If you only have one window, try to position your bed near that window and try to look for the air direction. Always position your bed where the breeze can naturally go in and out without any obstructions.

Must Read:

The Perfect “Summer Mattress”

Latexbear + Latex Mattress

There are different mattresses in the market today and we will need something that is not as heat-retaining as memory foam mattresses. The perfect mattress for summer is undoubtedly latex. One of the best websites to look into latex mattresses today would be LatexBear along with their awesome ideas and tips to choose and take care of your latex sleep companion.

Anyhow, there are two types of latex mattresses that you can choose from in the market today. We have the Dunlop and Talalay latex mattresses with Talalay being the more expensive choice. We do recommend buying the Dunlop version as this is more firm than the Talalay mattress.

Why is it better to go with the more firm mattress? Because it’s the summer and having a plush mattress wouldn’t help with the heat, which Dunlop perfectly provides since you will not be sleeping “Deep” within the mattress but your body profile will be “Shallow” which promotes airflow throughout your body.

  • Where to Get Latex Mattresses

Good deals can be found in different Latex Mattress Suppliers from around the world. It doesn’t matter if you go for website products or walk in your favorite retail store as long as you get what you need. There are different types of mattresses that will be perfect for your needs and reading more about them will help you decide which ones to get.

  • Price Range

The price range of latex mattresses will greatly depend on which one you want. But if you go with our Dunlop recommendation then you wouldn’t pay as much as Talalay mattresses as mentioned earlier.

  • Go for Natural

Always go for natural even if you know they will cost more than the synthetic ones. Keep in mind that not all “Natural” labeled mattresses in the market are the real deal, always do your personal research and look for negative comments that people say about a certain brand or material being used to give you a heads up on what to avoid or not.

What are you waiting for? You’ve got your curtains figured out. Your bed placed in the right position; and the color palette is chosen. It’s time to shop for the perfect summer mattress now!


We were very excited to come up with this very short list of things to consider if you want to turn on the summer spirit in your room. We hope that this article has provided you all with the details and inspiration for your dream summer bedroom! After all, it’s the summer!

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