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Simple Home Improvements – How to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

Home is the place where we spend most of the time in our lives. And sometimes, it’s also a matter of pride and personality.

No matter how great your interior looks, the exterior is the first thing people will notice and talk about.

If you are planning to sell your home, a few simple improvements to the exterior can increase its value quite a lot.

The cost might be a deciding factor whether to change the current design or not. But with a little money and thoughts, you can achieve great milestones.

image - Simple Home Improvements – How to Improve Your Home's Exterior
Simple Home Improvements – How to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

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For now, here are 10 simple ways to improve your home’s exterior.

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1. Bring Charm and Color With Window Boxes

If you are short on a budget, the simplest thing you can do is to add some window boxes. But you can’t just hang any window box. It should be seamless and match the style of your home.

If your home is more like a cottage, go for a painted wood box. You could also choose a contrasting color to make it stand out. Don’t forget to make it bloom with vibrant plants, flowers, and some berries.

2. Change Front Gate and Add Arbor to Add Presence

What’s the first thing people actually notice when they see your home? It’s probably the gate outside. So, why not make it look better?

The best combination could be a masonry fence with a metal gate. It looks absolutely classy and irresistibly beautiful. But you can take it one level further with arbors. Plant some vines and crawling plants over the fence and your home will not look the same ever.

3. Maintain Symmetrical Outlook for Visual Appeal

Have you ever seen asymmetrical home? Anything that has a symmetrical outlook will look beautiful. The same principle you can apply to your exterior.

If you have a distinct style of the window on one side of your entry door, the other side must also have the same maintaining proportions. The same goes for everything you put in your outdoors.

Think about the walkway. Either side of your walkway should have the same elements with a similar style.

4. Dressing up Your Porch Can Make a Big Difference

To make an amazing outdoor space, you should focus more on the decoration of your porch. Oftentimes, people leave it empty and it does no good.

A porch can cover only a tiny area of your outdoor but with some good pieces of furniture, it can truly transform the design of your home.

Throw in some rocking chairs, mini table, or even a sofa. Guests will absolutely love it. A few large lanterns and this space will boom with life even at night.

5. Illuminate the Landscape with Outdoor Lighting

Who said a home’s exterior doesn’t look beautiful at night. With careful planning, you can make it stunning.

Get some lanterns with low-intensity lighting and install them in strategic positions beside your walkway, driveway, and the garden.

If there are trees in your landscape, decorate them with lights. There are loads of lighting fixtures in the market. This simple decorative step will be far more effective than renovating your exterior entirely.

6. Know Where and How to Use Plants

A smarter landscape has plants placed strategically in different locations. You just can’t place any plant you want here and there.

Some plants will grow in moist soil, others in dry and some will need direct sunlight. Survey your outdoor space and make a list of plants that will fit the requirements.

There’s a lot more to this. Plants come in various colors. You can group certain plants together to create an appealing show of colors. Or, make a color echo by scattering clumps of plants with a similar color.

7. Match Your Driveway to the Style of Your Home

Oftentimes people overlook the driveway. Sure it takes a beating every day but that doesn’t mean you will not care.

Take measures to match the style of your driveway to your home. Brick, concrete, or masonry is common materials for building a driveway. See what works for you.

If the driveway is old and has got cracks in it, take steps to fix them. You don’t need a complete redo. And make sure the sides of the driveway remains clean and free of weeds.

8. A Roof and a Door Change Will Do it All

Changing your roof for the sake of decoration can cost both money and time. But if you are planning to upgrade your home’s insulation, this might be a good time to bring something new to the roof.

You can either change the existing tiles to match the style of your home or landscape or you can alter the shape and size of the roof.

Next comes the door. A glass panel door will not only add elegance to your home’s exterior but it will also allow more light to enter inside. Get connected with local suppliers or search online.

9. Make Your Walkway Interesting

Redesigning your walkway will boost the curb appeal of your home to some extent. A barren concrete path is effective but doesn’t contribute to aesthetics.

Instead, use brick or stone to build a classic walkway that will go straight to your porch. That’s not the end. Fill both sides with plants, flowers, and lamps.

The idea is to make the walk to your home memorable, interesting, and charming. Visitors will probably forget the color and design of your home, but they will never forget the walkway.

10. Change Your Exterior Finish

If you are living in a home owned by your parents or ancestors, there’s a good chance the exterior has stone cladding or pebbledash.

Living in this modern age, it might not match with the landscape. Sometimes, there could be a mixture of different materials that looks odd.

Even if you can’t change those now, you can always cover the entire home with new materials and paint to give it an entirely new look. It’s better to consult with a designer and see what solution is available without spending too much money.

Final Words

Remember there are lots of things you can do to improve your home’s exterior without spending too much money.

Adding plants, lights, and fixing the walkway or the fence are simple tasks that provide 10 x values. You just need a bit of planning, researching, and surveying your current decor.